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Friday Five: July 14, 2017

Friday Five from CAMPUS USA Credit Union

Our first edition of the Friday Five is here! Here are five things we thought were cool or useful and we just wanted to share with our readers...

1. Top Money-Saving Phone Apps – Chances are your phone never leaves your side anyways, so why not use it to make money?! Check out these seven mobile apps to help you save & earn money on things like gas purchases, groceries, restaurants and more! 

2. Inspirational Quote of the Day “Never spend your money before you have earned it.” ―Thomas Jefferson 

3. Fun with Finances! - It can be easy to spend loose change on trivial purchases, but with gadgets like these, you may find saving to be much more entertaining! Check out this video of a hilariously adorable change-saving contraption that gives the piggy bank a run for its money (pun intended)!

4. Go Fly A Kite – Better yet, go ahead and make it yourself too! Save money and spend some time with your kids one afternoon by making your very own kite. Check out these instructions using everyday materials. 

5. Darling Dollars - Looking for a little more attractive & creative gift idea than a birthday card stuffed with cash? Check out these simple and creative ways to make giving money as a gift as fun to give as it is to receive!

Have a great weekend! 


By CAMPUS USA at 14 Jul 2017, 14:03 PM

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