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Friday Five: July 21, 2017

Friday Five

Here are five things we thought were cool or useful - sharing is caring, so, here ya go! 

1. Tool of the Day – Check out our Debt Consolidation Calculator to estimate how much money you could be saving on interest if you consolidated your debt. The results may surprise you! 

2. Quote of the Day “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” ―Warren Buffet 

3. Fun Fact - U.S. paper money is not paper, it's cloth. In Ben Franklin's day, people used to repair torn bills using a needle and thread. Read more fun money facts here. 

4. Warm Fuzzies – Check out this 8-year-old who started fundraising to pay off other students' lunch debt or adding to lunch accounts. Thank you, Cayden Taipalus, for restoring our faith in humanity. 

5. Get Crafty - Have you ever wondered how to make an origami shirt and tie out of a dollar bill? Yea...we haven't either. Total time killer but probably a great party trick! Video tutorial here. 

TGIF...Have a great weekend! 

By CAMPUS USA at 21 Jul 2017, 14:39 PM

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