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Home Improvements That Add Value

Home Improvements that Add Value

Whether you’re in the market for selling or just looking to tackle some items on your improvements list, here are some tips that not only add value, but will help to make your “home sweet home” even sweeter.

Now you’re cooking!

From late-night snack rummages, holiday meal preparations, to just the initial start of your day, it’s no wonder the kitchen is one of the most lucrative ways to upgrade your home. While you’ll want the room to be consistent with the rest of your house, some new additions can go a long way. Replacing old appliances with newer, more modern models can completely transform this area, and stainless steel options are often desired. Granite countertops can make all the difference, and opting for wood over laminate for cabinets is visually pleasing as well. Some other considerations to increase value include adding unique luxuries, such as wine racks or a water filtration system (which, as a bonus, saves on the cost of water bottles or other purification devices).

Lather, renovate, and repeat

Bathrooms are one of the best improvements to make as far as holding and increasing your home’s value. Modernize showers by transforming them into walk-ins with multi-sprayer or rainfall shower heads. Though jetted or spa tubs are luxurious, you may want to focus on updating showers instead, as these additions can get pretty costly and baths aren’t an activity everyone has time for. However, if you only have one bathroom, don’t be so quick to sink all your money into renovating one space; you might see a better return on your investment by building a second bathroom before upgrading the one you have. A bathroom addition can increase overall value more than a bedroom addition can.

Groundbreaking changes

If you’re looking for a complete flooring makeover, consider wood (bamboo is very eco-friendly!), tile or natural stone, with an added benefit of these materials being easy to up-keep and clean. If you do have carpet that’s not in the best shape and you’d rather not redo the floor entirely, rent a carpet cleaner or hire a professional to come do the dirty work for you. You may also find a large area rug does the trick of transformation while providing the perfect solution for covering any wear and tear or irreversible stains.

Curb appeal…

After all, it’s what you and everyone else first notice about your house, so it’s important to make sure that the view from the street or driveway is welcoming and clean. Keep your lawn properly manicured, hedges and bushes trimmed, the driveway and sidewalks tidy, and maintain a weed-free garden that’s well-kept and full of luscious, native plants and brightly colored flowers. Adding a front porch and ensuring your home’s siding is in good condition are other great improvements that are sure to make a difference and have potential buyers lining up at the front door. 

Go green or go home (or both!)

Not only does an environmentally friendly house help out Mother Nature, but it’s more attractive to potential buyers as well. Newly painted rooms look clean and updated, and with a market full of eco-friendly brands that offer dozens of shades without the harsh chemicals, there’s never been a more perfect time for a fresh coat. Be conscious of your home’s efficiency, especially during the hot Florida summer – properly placed shade trees can really beautify your landscaping while helping to keep your home cool and your utilities low. Whether it be inside or out, eco-friendly homes boost the overall value, and you can feel good about reducing your family’s carbon footprint.

‘Smart’ Investments

One day, we will be able to walk in the door at the end of the day to find the lights on, music playing, and dinner done…or is that day already here? Some great devices to choose to help increase your home’s ‘intelligence’ include things like smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors, smart door locks, and much more. Many smart products aren’t outrageously costly any more as they gain popularity in the marketplace. 

Room for improvement

Having lots of closets and garage space is a desirable aspect for homes, and the extra space is sure to come in handy for any homeowner! Adding shelving units to the garage can reinvent the area, while providing new storage solutions for items that may be cluttering up inside spaces. And always be sure you’re staying on top of your everyday maintenance issues, such as taking care of any leaks and structural damages. Cosmetic changes are always nice, but having a house that’s built and maintained to last is the most imperative improvement a homeowner make.


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