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Summer Savings

Friends at the movie theater

Hello, summer! The season of barbeques, vacations, beach trips and more…but, unfortunately it doesn’t come without a price tag. We found several easy ways to eliminate any inessential spending - without limiting the fun!

Skip the pump

Travel by bike, by foot, or anything other than a car whenever possible. Not only does it save on gas, but it’s a great way to exercise and get your fill of fresh air! If your vehicle is the only practical way to get to a location, try carpooling or opting for the windows down versus excessive AC use.

Pull the plug

Unplug electronics, appliances, and whatever else you can when not in use, and especially when leaving for an extended period of time. Even items not in use but still plugged in, such as chargers, will draw watts, which translates to a higher bill. Lowering the heat setting on your dryer will help to minimize costs as well, or if you can, take advantage of the sunny days and set up a clothes line outside, even if it’s just for bulkier items, such as sheets and towels.

Summer Movie Express

June 6 to August 2, enjoy Regal Cinema’s “Summer Movie Express,” where there will be special showings at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of family-friendly movies at multiple Regal locations, and admission is only $1! Bonus: on select days and locations CAMPUS will be giving away family 4-packs of regular show-time movie tickets. You just have be there to register to win!

Celebrate Independence with your hometown

Take part in Independence Day by skipping the costly fireworks and viewing a local display instead. Chances are, either your town or neighboring ones will put on some sort of spectacular Fourth of July show, so celebrate the event without spending a dime! Check out the City of Alachua’s “Largest Small Town Fireworks Display in America” - everyone needs to experience this event at least once!

Turn your junk into profit

You probably uncovered a lot of unused items during your spring cleaning, so what better time than summer to have a garage sale? Gather all of your old movies, books, clothing items, toys and whatever else may be cluttering your home and open up shop one weekend morning! Get the word out by sharing your sale items on a local ‘Swip-Swap’ or ‘Yard Sale’ Facebook group – most cities or towns have one or several to join.

Offer to help

With summer being the time to travel, you’re bound to have a friend, family member, or neighbor in need of someone to watch their kids for the day, water their plants, or gather the mail while away. If you plan on staying in town, let people know you’re available to assist! It will give them peace of mind while they are away and you get a little extra change in your pocket. Or, if you do plan on going somewhere, see if you can find someone who’s going to be gone at another time, and instead of each of you spending money on a house sitter, just use each other and rest easy knowing things are being taken care of and you are saving a little cash!



By CAMPUS USA at 6 Jun 2017, 16:33 PM

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