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Money On-The-Go: 7 Mobile Apps That Improve Your Bottom Line

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The power to save, manage and make money directly at your fingertips – it can’t really be that simple, can it? The answer is: yes, definitely! With hundreds of apps available to make both you and your wallet happy, sorting through it all and finding the best one for you can be a bit overwhelming. We found seven apps that save money, make money or simply provide convenience for your finances! Who knows – your phone might just start paying for itself (and maybe even a little bit extra)!


Earn money in a snap – literally! A simple camera click of a receipt with your phone and a short waiting time for validation, and you can rack up points and exchange them for things like Amazon credit, restaurant gift cards and more! Even electronic receipts can be uploaded and count towards point redemption, and every valid receipt earns you an entry into a weekly sweepstakes promotion. A bonus: your receipts are now all in one location and easily obtainable, so you get paid for having the convenience of organization!


Spending money becomes a bit more justifiable when you’re getting paid to do so. Ibotta turns the monotonous (and costly) task of grocery shopping into a new way to earn back some of that cash. It’s simple – just open the app & you’ll see an offers page (a list of the products you can earn money from), unlock the offer by completing easy tasks, such as watching a video or commenting about the product, and then the offer gets added to your app’s checklist (the more tasks you do, the more money you’ll earn). Just purchase the item and then provide proof (uploading receipt photo & scanning the product’s barcode) and voilà! Exchange the credit you rack up for gift cards or even cash.


One of the most annoying feelings is filling up your tank only to realize there was a station right up the road where gas was significantly cheaper, and with today’s climbing prices, those pit stops really add up! GasBuddy makes that information easy to see – users can report and view real-time prices at over 140,000 stations across multiple continents. Leave reviews and read those from others, or play to participate in gas card giveaways.


Say goodbye to the tedious act of clipping coupons or the days of cramming the strips of paper in your bag to wad into a forgotten crumble. RetailMeNot keeps coupon chaos controlled in one easy-to-use app. Whether you’re in your hometown or traveling, this app ensures you’re getting the top deals, discounts, cash-back offers and more with the simple use and show of your phone upon checkout. Your checking account and patience will thank you!

CAMPUS Mobile App

Managing your money has never been easier! Eligible CAMPUS USA Credit Union account holders can take advantage of many offered features, such as the (free!) effortlessness of depositing checks straight from your smartphone into the account of your choosing. Bills are never fun, but our app minimizes the hassle by allowing online bill pay after signing up with CAMPUS Online Banking. By syncing your cards with your phone’s mobile wallet, safely make purchases (virtually or in stores) at participating retailers across the nation. You can even view your transaction history, schedule transfers and loan payments, and much more right from your mobile device!


By CAMPUS USA at 24 May 2017, 13:49 PM

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