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Black Friday Shopping Secrets

With Black Friday quickly approaching and the need to tackle holiday shopping lists not far behind, it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you’re under prepared. Check out our shopping tips and tricks to make your Black Friday experience less stressful! 

Peruse and Plan

Instead of just showing up at stores with the hope of stumbling upon the perfect present, do your research beforehand. Take time to browse through the ads, visit the websites of multiple retailers in the area, and create a shopping list for each location.

Pair Up

When planning for your shopping excursion, bring a bargain-hunting buddy along! This will make the experience much more enjoyable and less stressful than battling the bustle solo. You can divide and conquer so you don’t miss out on those limited supply sales. Plus, it’s a great way to keep one another in check! (Just remember when carpooling to take the vehicle with the most trunk space!)

Price Check

The dramatically discounted price tags and flashy doorbuster items on display may seem like the best deals around, but there’s no harm in seeking out a second opinion! With every purchase, verify on your phone by checking out the item on sites like Amazon or Rakuten to ensure you truly ARE getting the best bang for your buck!

Properly dressed

As a shopper, the only thing worse than being asked by a fellow customer if you’re an employee of the store because of your outfit is being inundated with questions on the busiest shopping day of the year. Before you head out, make sure your ensemble doesn’t mimic any of the employee uniforms at the stores you’ll be visiting. In other words, leave your red sweater and khaki pants at home…but don't forget comfy shoes! 


Be kind to the surrounding customers, and keep in mind that no deal is worth risking harm to yourself or others. Also remember to treat the store employees with respect, and be patient if things take longer than expected – they have probably sacrificed quality time with their families to go to work.


Bad news about Black Friday? You’ll likely spend a decent amount (if not the majority) of your time in never-ending lines. The good news? It can be to your advantage! Use those periods of waiting as opportunities to research any promotional offers on social media. For instance, many stores have special discounts available if you “like” or “share” a post on their page, and sometimes all it takes is one click “follow” to score an additional discount. Keeping up with retailer social media pages is also a good way to know what’s going on, what products may be sold out, what the lines are like, read customer reviews, etc.

Price Matching is Out

Don’t even try it until you have referred to the fine print in the Black Friday Sale Ad. Many retailers suspend all of their price matching policies on Black Friday. In the interest of saving time and energy, just go ahead and double check before you attempt to request a better price than they are already offering. 

Plan for Cyber Monday

Many shoppers enjoy Black Friday for the hustle and bustle – some families have even made the shopping excursion a holiday tradition. But, for those who prefer to stay comfy at home and avoid the crowds, Cyber Monday sales are often just as competitive as Black Friday sales – if not, better. With many retailers exclusively selling products online the marketplace is endless. You would be surprised what goes on sale!

Whether you plan on scrounging for virtual deals from the safety of your home or making your way out into the madness, shop smart, stay safe and start the shopping season off right this Black Friday!


By CAMPUS USA at 17 Nov 2017, 09:52 AM

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