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Retail Secrets: Some Things Are Better Bought in October

Fall Shopping

The fall season brings fall colors, sometimes cooler temperatures and pumpkin spice everything. Most people do not know that you are better off purchasing some things in October.  Thankfully, in Florida, we can take advantage of these deals and not have to wait out a cold, bitter winter to use them – like bikes and outdoor grills. Check out these tips on what you should be shopping for in October to maximize your savings.


Warm winter clothing As soon as temperatures drop below 70 degrees in Florida, it’s “officially” boot weather. Get your fall/winter wardrobe ready before the first cold-front comes. Shop online when retailers begin releasing their new winter clothing at sale prices, before demand for these items really kicks in. Pro tip: October is one of the best times of the year to buy jeans.  

Older iPhones®  In case you have never paid attention to Apple®’s events and announcements, new iPhones® are announced in September. Retailers are more motivated to sell older model iPhones® at a deeper discount to make room for the newer model release.  

Outdoor living and camping gear  As the weather starts to cool down and energy shifts to planning for the holidays, now is the time to get the best deals on tents, sleeping bags and even those cute throw pillows for outdoor seating. Don’t forget about grills and smokers, too. Start planning your next summer barbeque now with a discounted grill! 

Cars  Out with the old, in with the new! Dealers need to make room for newer models and offer deep discounts and incentives on previous models just because they are about to be “last year’s model”. Shop around for the best deals if you’re in the market for a new car but don’t necessarily NEED the most current model. After all, that "new car smell" comes with every new-car purchase.

Bicycles  By the time the weather is nice enough for a bike ride it’s pretty easy to find sales on bicycles - perk of living in Florida! Look for offers like free shipping, free assembly and sales averaging 30% off! Sporting goods stores are a great place to start looking for deals as they have the most variety and usually plenty of inventory.

Travel packages  If you’ve been thinking of taking a cruise or trip overseas, keep your eye out for good package deals in October. Most people are planning their holidays…maybe you can plan your Christmas on the beach with your family. Or just plan a getaway while the prices are low. 

Fans and air conditioners  The need for cooling devices is pretty much year-round for us Floridians, so plan to upgrade your fans or air conditioners in October. While temperatures drop for everyone else, so do the prices for these summer items. Snag them now before retailers put them in storage for next year! 

Seasonal produce  If you have the time to invest in preparing produce to freeze, October is a great time to buy apples, squashes, and sweet potatoes on sale. Buy them in bulk, clean and slice them, and freeze them so you can use them throughout the winter.

By CAMPUS USA at 18 Oct 2018, 16:33 PM

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