Update Your Payment Info In Three Easy Steps





Streaming movies, music, shopping, and subscribing to unique services is a breeze in the digital world. However, when you get a new card or open a new checking account it can take a significant amount of time to update payment information for all of these services.


We’re excited to offer a way to make your life easier! With the convenience of CardSwap, you can now save time and update your CAMPUS-issued card payment information all at once!


Here's how to update your card information in three simple steps!


1. Log in to CAMPUS Online Banking and click CardSwap located in the menu on the left, under Cards.

2. Enter your CAMPUS-issued card number.

3. Provide your login information for your favorite service providers.


Then, CardSwap does the rest. It’s that easy! This saves you time and helps you avoid annoying service interruptions—so you can stream, shop, and subscribe without worry.